King Salman Park Master Plan

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The King Salman Park Master Plan project is a major urban intervention with a strong impact. It will influence and transform the lifestyle, culture, and city environment of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, focusing on the sustainable development of a high quality park and water landscape that closes the urban gap of Riyadh’s former military airport base and offers a pleasant green environment in the heart of the city. As a symbolic space of unique attraction, the King Salman Park district provides a collection of iconic destinations with great potential to boost local and foreign tourism and to enhance the city’s visibility on the regional and international map.


The main factors of the master plan are the provision of an extensive green park and the shaping of a characteristic identity for the city of Riyadh. The design proposes an exceptional and pleasant urban area with walkable public open spaces; relevant cultural and educational institutions; as well as commercial, residential, and high-class housing areas for a flourishing community in which the spirit of the new King Salman Park will grow and develop. Our vision encompasses the successful and durable development of a sustainable and walkable city district with an attractive central garden, connected by lush green corridors and waterways.


The project’s core objective is to create a highly livable city district composed of a variegated mixture of typologies built to and starting at various heights, in which numerous uses and functions meet, share the space, and establish an urban diversity with a vibrant and appealing atmosphere. Continuous shaded zones and water features create a cool microclimate and protect people from the hot sun. Detailed urban structure and a diverse mixture of uses give rise to a vibrant, appealing, and relaxed atmosphere throughout the entire area. A maximum expansion of the park’s fringe zones guarantees that as many of the district’s inhabitants as possible benefit from the park’s favourable climate.

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