Landscape Design of 4 Neighbourhoods

Commissioned by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City, the Green Riyadh Project is a visionary program designed to develop urban and suburban landscapes in four distinct neighborhoods: An-Nadheem, Dahrat Al-Badeah, Irqah, and Namar. This project establishes a cohesive network of green spaces across the city, with the intention of amplifying ecosystem services and significantly improving the health and well-being of local residents.


The design navigates the interplay between public space and the traditionally private societal fabric of a rapidly evolving nation. Landscape architecture becomes a positive tool within this context, with the Green Riyadh Project exemplifying its potential. The new urban landscapes of An-Nadheem, Dahrat Al-Badeah, Irqah, and Namar fuses access to green corridors, parks, mosques, educational facilities, and government buildings, invigorating outdoor activities and fostering a sense of community. By intertwining access and privacy elegantly, the project honours the valued tradition of privacy while paving the way for dynamic community-based exchanges.

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