Landscape Masterplan of GIFT City

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The green landmark of GIFT City as the gravity point of the new development offers a unique public space for the neighbourhood. The form evolves step by step over time using the excavated earth from the building construction showing the new city growth. This dynamic process is a catalyst and signature feature of the general landscape master plan, avoiding earth transportation offering a sustainable approach by recycling all sources on site. 


The resulting 70-metre high mountain is a visible landmark that allows a scale transition between the surrounding flat landscape and the high-rise towers.  Atop its terrain, a diverse programme revolving around culture, leisure and sports ensures a rich community space for members of all ages. 


The main connection through the urban boulevard`s green spine is a dense linear path system with multiple pedestrian routes between the two major stations of the site and its office areas. The programme is equally dispersed between the divided adjacent zones of the special economical zone (SEZ). Each side offers large open spaces for leisure, social interaction and entertainment. Generating a diverse and compelling public space agenda event spaces, green amphitheatres, water stages, sitting steps, piers, boat rental, small retail areas, shaded cafe terraces, sports fields, an outdoor gym and playgrounds proposed along the promenade. 

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