Lausitzer Platz

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Representing Kreuzberg’s community spirit, the redesign of Lausitzer Platz integrates nature, recreation, and sustainability, into an urban oasis that enriches the neighborhood’s vitality.


Developed as a green recreational park the entire open space spans from facade to façade, intricately connected with the surrounding urban space. As a sprawling park, the square accentuates its surroundings and invites people of all ages to gather, play, and unwind. By dissolving conventional boundaries between the different zones, a sense of cohesion is fostered throughout the area.


The design features are organized according to recreational diversity, community engagement, accessibility and sustainability. The square offers an array of recreational options, from sandy play areas to verdant spaces teeming with diverse flora. Playgrounds, ping-pong tables, and sports facilities provide for every interest and age group, while communal gardening spaces and weekly markets promote social interaction and local engagement.


Accessibility is prioritized by removing barriers and installing barrier-free pathways, ensuring everyone can navigate the park with ease. Redesigned paths to the Emmanus Church seamlessly connect to surrounding amenities. Bicycle traffic is organized in the former road space around the square, ensuring the central green square is exclusively available to pedestrians.


In commitment to sustainability, material reuse and biodiversity take precedence. Thoughtfully curated planting schemes promote biodiversity, while rainwater management techniques such as surrounding ditches and underground injection pipes minimize environmental impact and preserve the habitat of the area’s cherished tree population.

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