Lion-Feuchtwanger-Straße 61

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The housing project proposes an unusual public space typology: the garage rooftop between the two buildings serves as a transparent communal space for the residents and introduces programming for various user groups. The space is a „red carpet,“ a place for gatherings and a showcase for the architecture and a collection of objects scattered around the site. The different pieces are informally placed along the space as if they were left there by users, which generates curiosity and desire to engage with them.


Among the objects introduced to the space are a ping pong table, original seating options, and installations for play. The artificial topography of the floor creates an eye-catching landscape and alternative creative ways to use the space.


Additional solutions contribute to the idea of layering and floating, set by the architectural design: the two open sides overlook the city from above, while perforations in the floor host trees that grow from below, highlighting the special features of the place.

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