Locked in Freshness

The idea of the project lies in the fact that there is no distinguishable line between public and private anymore: with the technological development of the last decades, we are deprived of actual personal space, while sometimes the only possible escape from society is in open spaces outside of our homes. Thus, we have proposed to turn the understanding of space and boundaries inside-out and welcome visitors to explore the possibilities of a comfortable domestic environment in one of the most popular areas of Milan, through pasting wallpaper with fancy ornamental patterns onto an abandoned building.


The use of this particular wallpaper on this neglected modernist building observes the irony of changing ideals, and possibly, a longing for a garden. The pattern of the inside wallpaper is referring to the outside and then back again. These ornamental forms have an origin in the baroque castles, with Versailles as a powerful example of diffusing graphical codes of the inside with the outside. At the time, there was a trend for very rational planting and garden organization, while the interiors featured rich floral patterns and plasterwork. Later, the patterns would dominate the salons of the upper classes of the flamboyant, pre-modernist era. Now, as they are rediscovered in today’s interior design, the representations come to a full circle.

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