Märkisches Ufer

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The Märkisches Ufer project redesigns the area between the Märkisches Museum and the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin. A previously chaotic urban slot with no access to water turns into an open public space with sculptural design elements and a clear and safe connection to the river. The gravel paths are re-positioned away from the embassy building and integrated into the composition of the square. A shallow staircase made of concrete is built on the slope near the water, while the existing trees are preserved.


The staircase is cut at both ends by a retaining wall, thus giving the place a clear spatial definition and simultaneously orientating the whole area towards the river. From here, the view opens towards Fisher Island and the Mühlendamm Locks. The existing mooring adds a functional purpose to the descending staircase. Spatially, the design frees itself from the close context with the building and relates to the adjacent Köllnischer Park.

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