Chemnitz Hauptbahnhof

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Chemnitz Main Station is the largest station in the Saxon town of Chemnitz. Every day, around 11.000 passengers pass through the station, which is frequented by around 350 local transport trains and trams as well as buses for the public transport of the city.


This infrastructural hub was re-organised through a collaborative architecture and open space planning approach, which focuses on increasing the spatial qualities to a maximum while at the same time providing a functional layout with clear urban character. At the same time, the design is marked by hybridity, as it combines two typologies: the station and the park. Unconventional and even surreal elements, such as a mirrored ceiling and dazzling green surfaces, result from this gesture.


The site’s main element is a spacious plateau with a rectangular open staircase wrapping around it with steps that blend into their surroundings. Seating fixtures made of concrete and covered with different shades of green create a new layout of functional and lasting surfaces. Multi-trunked gingko trees give character and natural quality to this redeveloped urban site and make it an attractive place for visitors to pass through or to linger and relax.

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