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Marie Curie High School in Dallgow-Döberitz is located at a geographic transition: the edge of a suburb, bordering residential development to one side, and open, expansive landscape to the other. Our strongly topological approach draws upon this specific location and aims at integrating the urban and landscape features on the site.

Central to our design is the gesture of transition between building and natural landscape. The outdoor areas of the high school are hence marked by a continuous intertwining of built and green structures as well as interior and exterior spaces such as yards, lawns, and the sport facilities. Aiming at the creation of a fluid and transitional entity, the concept extends the architectural complex further in landscape and concurrently allows the landscape to enter the building in the form of terraces, greened roofs, and patios. A key element is a semi-enclosed schoolyard and the sport facilities that, as a flat prolongation of the floor plan of the building, stretch out into the open space. A color palette of green and grey combined with pristine materials continues the clear formal language established by the edifice. Scattered groups of trees complete the camouflage of Marie Curie High School into this unique transitional site.

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