Metrocable Neighbourhood

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The intervention in Caracas, Venezuela, addresses the issue of the absence of organised development in the central barrios of the city. In order to provide accessibility and an appropriate urban environment, the project introduces a new cable car system that connects the districts spread across steep mountain slopes of the city centre and multiple public spaces that strive to encourage social development.


The landscape proposal is built upon a simple retroactive concept: while the cable car brings the people to the city, the urban essence of the city must be given back to the people. To paint a bigger picture, the new Metrocable provides support for sustainable programs of social improvement, commerce development, inhabitants security amelioration, children activities, local initiatives, sports practice, and other socio-cultural and urbanistic aspects.


The redevelopment provides for the enhancement of the existing infrastructures by introducing stairs, water drainage, extending the existing path network, and translates the identity of the city into urban language. In the meantime, the interstitial spaces are turned into a constellation of micro-programs – viewpoints of the city, urban agriculture, gardening slopes, sports gear, slides, sets and modules for playing and seating. All materials, furniture, and plants are harvested locally from the resourceful region of Caracas.

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