Metrozone Kaufhauskanal

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The project Kaufhauskanal in Hamburg, Germany, redevelops a former industrial district of the city. Taking on the historical context, the design creates a continuity of the past into the new modern living situation, where the playful roof landscape blends into the city’s iconic skyline. 


The new landscape solution frames the canal and the nearby river as the main drivers of the design taking upon their tectonics, thus creating a flowing network of paths somewhat reminiscent of a meandering river, among the newly constructed boat-like buildings. The building plots are occupied by large-scale perimeter block development: like a funnel, they descend towards the canal, emphasising its central position and orienting towards it. At the same time, they act as a barrier against the noise from the streets surrounding the area. The directionless structure of the network is also intended to slow down traffic in the new district. 


The central axis of the development alternates between architecture and spacious green areas that provide for diverse leisure activities for the inhabitants and visitors. The district becomes a solitary world that can be experienced in diverse ways, where every turn offers a new unexpected spectacle of the edgy architectural composition.

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