Mexikanische Botschaft

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The landscape project for the Mexican Embassy in Berlin responds both to the architecture design by architects Teodor Gonzáles de Léon and Francisco Serrano and the local qualities of Mexico.


Through a thorough selection of materials and planting, the landscape design completes the building. The embassy is surrounded by white hydrangeas that form a kind of bridge between Germany and Mexico. In the interior of the embassy, a staircase of plants with sub-tropical miniature palms and lilies connects the floors, taking up this unifying theme. The roof garden on the fifth floor is planted with arid species, while surrounded by the lush foliage of the Berlin Tiergarten. Marble creates a geometric play on the surface and connects it to the facade material.


The final project is a portal to Mexico that takes the visitors on a spectacular journey to encounter a sophisticated combination of precious materials and well-considered planting.

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