Mobile Life Campus

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Echoing its former agricultural use, the Mobile Life Campus is conceived as an idealized landscape with earth-folds and accentuating stone embankments. The first of five buildings planned for Volkswagen’s International University is presented on the new sculptural, yet ecological landscape that covers a flat hilltop of the Hageberg at the outskirts to the ​​west of Wolfsburg. The earth terraces formed by the modelling approach anchor the building with the topography and, with their graphic rhythm, form an almost baroque, geometric mise-en-scene for the representative building. 


Like a veil of canopies, more than 500 rare apple trees are planted at regular intervals over the field. A fertile field for studying and teaching has been laid out through the almost textile-like interweaving of the ideally-formed landscape and the building. Walking along the crossing Campus Street, one experiences a transformed field when looking back. As in a picture puzzle, the stone slope is turned into a lush green field.

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