Movie Studio

The Movie Studio project creates an independent solitaire infrastructure in a rural area in Portugal, where landscape design solutions propose three typologies: oases adjacent to the buildings are intimate spaces for communication, the waterside park is the recreational heart of the area, while the surrounding dry landscape is a buffer between the new development and the neighbouring areas. The proposal creates a new complete micro-city that provides all the necessary features for a comfortable and efficient work environment. 


The planting solutions correspond to the three typologies: the waterside park collects local species from the nearby riparian corridor; herbaceous plants create a transparent friendly space in the oases; the arid landscape is planted with local species from the site and provides flat places for flexible use.


All greywater is collected on-site, purified by the fields in the oasis first, and later, aerated in the biodiversity ponds. As a result, the water flows into the subsurface wetland and combines with rainwater that will be purified once again. All purified water is gathered in the ponds and used for cycle and farming irrigation.


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