Záhrada sídla nemeckého veľvyslanca Bratislava

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The new residence of the German Ambassador in Bratislava is divided into two sections: (1) the representative part, which is open to the embassy’s visitors and (2) the private section, which provides living space for the ambassador´s family. The residence is located on an exquisite site with great potential that has impressive views and a number of expressive trees around the building.

Our design concept features a spatial sequence that transfers the site’s most salient qualities. It sculpts the area’s topography, moving from the lower entrance to the property’s upper terrace. The wall that runs along the driveway forms a meandering ribbon that leads visitors to the welcoming entrance court, which is accentuated by a small grove of chestnut trees. The building forms an angle that borders the yard, assigning representative and private functions to their respective wings of the building. The contrasting atmospheres of the two gardens reflect the building’s different functions.


The representative terrace of the upper garden opens to a panoramic view of Bratislava and the Danube River – a vista left unimpeded thanks to the inconspicuous placement of safety installations on a lower level. In contrast to this openness, the hedge garden, which is accessible from the lower story, has a closed, nearly sunken atmosphere. The site’s original fruit trees are framed by high hornbeam hedges set on lawn stairs that gently descend from the plateau to the lower garden, giving rise to an almost sculptural appearance.

The different uses and affiliations of the residence’s interior can be seen and perceived from the outside due to the varying design of the surrounding sequence of gardens.

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