Oranje Castle Garden

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Entirely closed within a continuous perimeter of towering, brick-clad residential architecture, the garden’s design employs vernacular typologies that merge the human scale with the monumental in response to the remarkable construction surrounding it.


At the core of this design is a circular pattern, which achieves dynamism and flow that is delightfully absent of hierarchy or dominant orientations and thereby invites leisurely exploration. The circular forms are comprised of grassy lawns, planting beds, enclosed ball courts, and distinctive spherical pergolas. These functional oases cater to the diverse needs of the Oranje Castle’s many residents. The spherical pergolas introduce deeply vegetated space despite the limited availability of soil depth due to the garden’s location atop a garage.


Covered in lush climbers, the pergolas create shaded and pleasant microclimates and introduce a degree of comfort and intimacy despite their impressive size. All of the landscaped islands are vegetated with indigenous species to harmonise with the surroundings and feature play elements such as trampolines, ropes courses, and climbing mounds. Traditional elements, such as birdcages, vibrant and colourful plantings, palm trees, and stepwells, have been reinterpreted using a modern design language to celebrate a fusion of cultural influences.

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