Pandion Persiuspark

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The landscape concept of the Pandion Campus takes upon its immediate context: the adjacent sport courts dictate the language that reinterprets the field structure into a spatial code. The approach creates a consistent look, still allowing for varied design that assumes different typologies, needs, and uses. While a semi-public, park-like area is being created between the new buildings and the sports facilities to the north, the southern area (inner courtyard and pathway) offers an urban garden. The varied program of the area is also spread over the open spaces. The park path offers selective opportunities for exercise and relaxation. The uses envisaged in the south have a rather quieter character (working outdoors, sitting, and small play areas such as shaft tables, ping-pong, and foosball). 


The selected materials are for the most part extremely resistant, robust, and reusable. The concrete slabs in the southern area give the place a flowing and flexible character. The green areas cut out in the pavement are planted with meadows, bushes, and individual trees. The green areas are bordered by an approx. 40 cm-wide concrete edge. Few wooden inlays and parts of the outdoor furniture in the catering area increase the sense of well-being in the inner courtyard.

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