Piazza Gino Valle

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The site of Piazza Gino Valle is part of an encompassing 1970’s masterplan by the Gino Valle Architetti Associati for the redesign of the Portello area in Milano. The aim of our approach was to provide a unique identity for the plaza and to scale the significantly sized tract. As a reference served Piazza Campidoglio in Rome, where Michelangelo used mathematical alignments to produce a strong sense of perspective and intensified spatial experiences. Like Piazza Campidoglio, the Gino Vale plaza has an irregular trapezoidal shape which is defined by high-rise edifices overlooking the site.


On this surface, a graphic layout of black and white tiles were laid in an ascending graphic pattern. Sloping upwards while narrowing and hence underlining the visual effect, the lines finally converge at the highest point where a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks leads to the nearby park designed by Charles Jencks. By this new visual dimension corresponding with the existing tendency of the site, a dynamic fifth façade was created which, seemingly warping with its context, provides for good orientation and a strong perspective quality at once.

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