Plateau du Heysel

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The existing Heysel district is considered peripheral for its discontinuity, while it is an environment of strong urban potential that must be explored. With this in mind, the proposal creates an independent area, where residential, social and commercial uses are the genuine dynamic support for the urban structure that wants to avoid energy generated by metropolitan facilities and offers two options of balancing built volumes in order to put major focus on daily use fabrics.


Based on the realisation that they imply completely different conditions in terms of the availability and geometry of space — the two options explore the urban configuration with and without a stadium. The WITHOUT option called „Urban Fabric“ establishes a regulated uniform infrastructure, only interrupted by large equipment. In this case, the character of the new district is generated by the repetition of volumes and well-defined geometry on the entire site. The WITH option called „Campus“ offers a discontinuous and complicated strategy of independent polygonal volumes that adapt to the geometry and the difficulties generated by the context with the requirements of a stadium for the finals of the World Cup. In this case, the autonomy of each built volume and the continuous diverse public space constitute the personality of the district.

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