Spiel- und Parkplatz Flämingstraße

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At the heart of our project in Flämingstraße is the aesthetic cultivation of conflicts deriving from varying social demands in urban public spaces. The central task of the site, which is situated between uniform slab buildings constructed in the 1960ies, was to combine play and car parking as two seemingly irreconcilable usage patterns. In order to productively confront these functionalities without resulting in a unified space, we sought for a hybrid entanglement of parking and playground. As a result, our design abandons installed play equipment and instead painted graphic markings for playing hopscotch, foursquare, ball hockey, and other games on the paving. Playing and parking area thus become inseparable layers that co-define the area. Against the background of this special constitution, motorists, children, and skaters are encouraged to constantly negotiate the public space anew.

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