ZAC Porte de Vincennes

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The existing neglected park on the site was in a state of decay, so the main objective of the Porte de Vincennes project was to perform a renovation of the area in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. Instead of creating new spaces, the project conducts an „evolution of the existing“ through enhancing the greenery, placing street furniture and playgrounds and introducing a topographical adjustment – a noise reduction structure that isolates the space from the adjacent highway and functions as a green promenade for the locals at the same time.


Treating local traditions with thorough respect, while staying loyal to our basic concept of contrast, the project brings together the classic urban furniture of Paris and colourful solutions that create an original identity for the place. The scattered objects of the area are all painted red, highlighting the artificial interference and the centrepiece of the space – a 50 metre-long climbing structure that allows for non-trivial physical activities and provides enough room for all kids from the surroundings. 

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