Ponctuation Scénographique
Porte Jeune

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Porte Jeune in Mulhouse, France is a central place of crossings; crossings in terms of social and urban activity, as well as with regard to the major traffic arteries that intersect here. The crossings are a topological landmark for the inhabitants as well as for the city itself, especially with its different stages of construction between the historic center and the newly built quarters.


A structure of vertically and horizontally applied ornaments creates a new aesthetic and functional layout for Porte Jeune. It is emblematic of the cultural history of the city as an important location for the textile industry that used to send its fabrics from here all over Europe. The intervention connects these contextual elements and reorganizes the central square and its flagstaff. The forms applied on the ground reference the broad selection of motifs in the local textile museum that vary from abstract, kinetic, floral, iridescent, and incorporate various Chinese patterns. They now become visible and walkable for everyone.


As relatively small elements carefully woven into the given spatial context, the new pattern can nevertheless transform the character of the central place and give it an attractive layout while respecting the site’s genuine urban character.

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