Postblock Areal Süd

The landscape design for Postblockareal Süd in Berlin focuses on integrating natural elements into the outdoor and public areas, promoting accessibility, sustainability, and biodiversity. The architectural ensemble features a mix of uses for a Ministry, including residential, and commercial spaces.


The ensemble is enhanced by three distinct courtyards: a semi-open entrance courtyard with a foyer serving as the Ministry’s main address, a generously enclosed central courtyard that opens to the library and cafeteria, and a residential courtyard that visually connects with the surrounding urban space.


The landscape concept preserves and enhances the historic north axis, integrates public green spaces, and discreetly meets the ministerial security requirements. Natural stone paving with grass joints and retention of existing cobblestone paving maintain permeability and aesthetic continuity. The site forms a cohesive green unit with the existing Generalpostgarten.


The courtyards feature a blend of lush greenery and partially paved areas, offering informal gathering spaces and recreational amenities. A playground area in the southern courtyard, alongside dense greenery, delineates spatial zones and provides pleasant views. A smaller patio visible from the Ministry foyer offers an attractive green vista.


The vegetation strategy focuses on biodiversity and habitat creation, with carefully selected plantings catering to birds and insects year-round. Sustainable rainwater management is integrated, utilizing retention layers beneath green roofs and courtyard surfaces to collect, store, and infiltrate rainwater on-site, ensuring both ecological functionality and aesthetic harmony.

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