Quartier am Hafenplatz

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The design concept for Kulturhafen Quartier aims to cultivate an urban community by leveraging density and integrating diverse outdoor spaces, ranging from public entry points like Hafenplatz and Hafenpromenade to a verdant courtyard and rooftop areas across Mendelsohn-Bartholdy Park.


Dedicated to creating a balanced urban landscape, the public space integrates community and culture. The public entry points to the new quarter and offer a blend of urban ambiance and greenery that encourage social interactions. A pathway extending from Hafenplatz into Kulturhafen Quartier promotes connectivity with neighboring sites, and provides recreational amenities catering to all age groups. Throughout its length, outdoor facilities complement the ground floor’s cultural institutions, the ateliers, and the library.


At the heart of the quarter lies a verdant courtyard, neighboring a plant-based greywater treatment plant. Developed as part of the „International Building Exhibition Berlin“ — a significant urban renewal project, the site was established in 1987 and has been designated as cultural heritage.


In response to the need for restoration and enhancement, the proposed design preserves all existing features, while introducing abundant playgrounds and exercise facilities accessible to all residents of the new quarter. In synergy, a layer of greenery across multiple levels accommodates activities on the community roofs of the new buildings.


The project extends its scope to enhance Mendelsohn-Bartholdy Park, preserving its fundamental layout while introducing new amenities and improving connectivity. Renovated playgrounds, expanded seating areas, and upgraded pedestrian pathways aim to enhance accessibility and appeal.


Sustainable practices, including climate-appropriate vegetation and rainwater management systems, underscore the project’s commitment to ecological responsibility, ensuring a biodiverse and resilient urban landscape for future generations.

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