Rockywood Offenbach

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A professionals’ playground awaits staff of the flexible workspaces housed within the buildings “Rocky” and “Wood”. Furnished with game tables, benches, swings, and fitness equipment, the outdoor space is an unconventional and stimulating environment that complements and enhances the unique workplace atmosphere found at Rockywood.


The designed open space functions also as a public hinge – between Rocky and Wood, and above all between the new adjacent harbour developments and the River Main waterfront. Urban life flows together here via the stairs up from the water, across an elevated terrace, and down towards the west. Featuring an outdoor boxing ring, the space highlights the joy of bodily engagement and pays homage to the boxing club that continues to exist on the site.


The modularity and palette of the playground and outdoor areas are carefully tied in with the design language of Rocky and Wood: Rocky with its solid form and expressive concrete, and Wood with its legible and warm timber construction and transparent exterior arcades, which also feature inviting equipment to exercise and use the body during the work day. All elements within the outdoor spaces—vegetation and furniture alike—reflect both the materiality and intention of the new culture of work emerging at Rockywood.

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