Forschungszentrum Schöninger Speere

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The design for the Research and Experience Centre Schöninger Spears reflects the unique prehistoric and archaeological significance of the site in Lower Saxony. The outdoor grounds surround the new visitor center and museum, which were built for the exhibition of the eight Schoeninger Spears and the presentation of the living conditions at the time of their origin.


Our design alternates two landscape typologies from the prehistoric interglacial cycle: open, airy meadows in the East and dense forests in the West. The meadows encompass a large pasture for a small herd of wild horses that recall the native horses, which populated the area a long time ago. The research center is embedded inside the open meadow, standing prominently on top of a slight hill and allowing for a 360 degree view in the formerly ice-age landscape. A path network extending from the jagged form language of the building connects the visitors to special points of view and archaeological attractions, as well as to the building and the parking lot.


A bridge path leads away from the museum and looks over the wild horse enclosure, allowing visitors to engage with the animals through observation.

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