Seoul International District Waterfront

Our site, the Seoul International District, was formerly a collection of islands at the intersection of the meandering Han River and Tancheon Stream. Drawing from this historical landscape and current urban setting, our design is envisioned as an urban translated riparian ecosystem and archipelago. Emulating riparian topographic zones of upland, floodplain, and wetland, the landscape is set as a series of terraces where landscape typology, vegetation density, and program use is determined by terrace level and subsequent flood probability.


The archipelago is composed of stream habitat islands and inland “islands” of wetlands, meadows, forests, and park program such as playgrounds, skateparks, amphitheatres, and cafes. Through the substitution of the existing weir and the introduction of a groyne system, stream renaturalisation is to be encouraged through meandering and sedimentation to create pools and shallow beaches. The legible landscape vegetation zones and development of the river system will reveal the unfolding of riparian ecosystem dynamics – merging the built form, ecological processes, and visitor experience.

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