Siemens Headquarters

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The design concept for the open spaces of Siemens Headquarters responds to the dialogue of architectural structure of connected public courtyards developed by architect Henning Larsen – a sequence of interior landscape spaces, each one with an individual identity that generates a continuous yet varied urban environment. Playing with multiplicity and unity, the contrasting designs of the open spaces communicate and interact with each other – as well as with the historic inner city surroundings of the Siemens Headquarters – through their materiality and form. The language of light and the surfaces‘ textures create a warm, distinguished atmosphere as well as the requisite feeling of safety, while adding a particular and innovative ambiance to the objectivity of the architecture.


The public space surrounding the headquarters building has been redeveloped, rebuilt, and qualitatively upgraded within the construction of the new building complex up to the project’s spatial border formed by the adjoining streets. The adjacent green area to the west of the site became an especially important part of the new ensemble for the Siemens Headquarters design concept. It has been transformed into a rich green surface with the characteristic of a biotope, preserving and highlighting the site’s original, high-quality trees. The green open space is a vital part of the design concept, serving as a representative and creative front yard for the company’s building complex.


Topotek 1’s design for the Siemens Headquarters strengthens the language of the architectural design and combines with it to form a coherent unit, establishing a representative and welcoming space that surrounds the building ensemble.

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