Sport- und Bewegungspark Hürth

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Addressing the potential of the site, which features diverse woodlands, green areas, and clearings, the proposed planning concept for the sports and exercise park in Hürth aims to both preserve and enhance the existing natural landscape, integrating its qualities into a comprehensive, contemporary design that serves as a central meeting point for all generations.


Expanding upon the existing sports fields and the site’s topography, the concept integrates informal and multifunctional leisure gardens within the dense, wooded landscape. These gardens provide an attractive, inclusive array of leisure sports, activities, and games aligned with the alla hopp! approach. Beyond the central activity zones, the park includes quieter, introspective green spaces for contemplative and relaxing experiences outdoors.


The main open spaces within the new park are the activity garden in the expansive forest clearing to the west and the cultural garden situated in the former cycling track area. Surrounded by selectively planted deciduous trees and „wild meadow“ areas, the activity garden offers diverse amenities for all ages, including a skate track, basketball and beach volleyball courts, a fitness area, and calisthenics facilities.


The cultural garden preserves the unique topography of the former cycling track, featuring play and exercise structures, an amphitheater with spacious green seating steps, and a small open-air stage for various events. A central square and smaller leisure gardens further enhance the park, providing spaces for a variety of communal gatherings.


Aiming to establish the sports and exercise park as an effective micro- and macro-climatic green space integrated into a biotope network system with neighboring green spaces, the design has a strong emphasis on diverse vegetation for sustainability, biodiversity, and climate protection.

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