Taipei Twin Towers

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The Twin Towers project is located in the centre of Taipei, encompassed by high-rises and planned to be built on top of the current central station. The urban context in combination with the architectural structure calls for a dynamic in-between space, that responds to and mirrors the hectic day-to-day activities of Taipei’s citizens. Our design proposal offers a new vision of the public area around Taipei’s Central Station, reflecting the exciting intensity of the Asian metropolis.


This multi-functional project exhibits a collaging effect visually, as well as conceptually through the integration of terraces, green spaces, and an atrium, which all contribute to a fluent movement throughout. The flowing qualities of wandering or strolling, typically experienced outside rather than indoors, were embraced in our design and applied to the built structure. The design proposal, therefore, concentrates on the complex development of the movement and circulation within the building in strong relation to the outside spaces. The escalators and stairs on the exterior exemplify this by connecting the different levels, appearing as if they are making their way inside. The vibrantly planted rooftop terraces as well as those terraces placed on the various levels, further link and relate the interior and exterior between landscape and architecture harmoniously.

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