Taipei Twin Towers

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TOPOTEK 1 and MVRDV’s design offers a new vision of the public area around Taipei’s Central Station, currently a big traffic hub hardly reflecting the exciting intensity of the Asian metropolis. Encompassing sky-rises and various typologies of open space, the landscape design aims at the transformation of the heavily trafficked site into a more usable, pedestrian oriented and vividly dynamic space – seamlessly integrated with the urban context and the new architectural structures. A multileveled plaza connects directly to the new towers, to public transport connections, underground parking and the broader neighbourhood.


A large swath of the plaza is left open for large scale uses while colorful pavilions, lush planting and water features offer spaces of greater reprieve and intimacy. Continuing from the ground level up, vibrantly planted roof terraces further connect and relate the interior and exterior relationship between landscape and architecture.

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