Black over Black

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The Black over Black garden, an unavoidable entrée, located in the direct vicinity of the main entrance, is a scenic overture to Dongmal Neighbourhood Park. It sensitises for the things to come and invites the contemplator to concentrate entirely on the sensual passing through this cleansing environment: the cloudy mist that rises from the ground cools pleasantly on the skin and subsequently, gets lost between the trunks of the birch trees. With the slight rustling of the leaves above and feet on the firm dark ground, the visitor walks through this protected space and gets touched by another world.


The fog, immediately detected by the eyes, but felt even more vividly by the skin, resonates with the observer. It shifts and changes, in temperature and density, and all of a sudden provides a clear view of the central, pitch-black ground. The basin with its single pavers is made of asphalt – a conventional material used in urban settings. Topotek 1 extracts this banal commodity from its traditional context and transforms it into a sublime, aesthetic experience. 


The notion of “nature vs culture” is marked by an inherent divide that presupposes humans as something separate from nature. But: Nature is within us! The garden considers itself an experiment that attempts to overcome this age-old dichotomy via one’s physical perception. It follows the concept of the garden as a sensual space of experience that establishes a connection to our physical, inner nature.


Visuality, form, and material distinguish the garden as a protected, metaphysical space, which allows the visitors to step into an inner dialogue with their environment.

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