Theatre of Signes Versailles

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The baroque garden of the Theatre of Signes Versailles is an assembly of mirror pools and broderies, building a connection between the heavens and earth, the physical and the virtual, the historical and the modern.


The patterns created by the hedges form a QR code that can be scanned from above, on a city map, or a Google Earth image to reach the Theatre’s website.


The interaction of heaven and the earth continues into the spatial experience of the Théâtre De Signes. Due to the shape of hedges and their flowing design, visitors are welcomed by a first overview of the place. Walking through, they dive deeper into the majestic spaces of the new garden matrix. Finally, they are completely surrounded by the hedge maze, with the promising hues of the skies taking all their attention. The atmosphere and sensuality of the landscape architecture is supported by a modern interpretation of baroque water features. The portals of the new broderies are filled with mist, reminiscent of the former water spectacle of the place.

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