Chemnitz Campus Platz

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The key objective for the redesign of Chemnitz Campus Square was to reconcile an urban infrastructure intervention with the need for a qualitative public space for the new university. Docking on to the ongoing urban development procedures in the area of the new university campus, our design combines the typology of the central forecourt, the traffic road, and the newly constructed tram station into one shared open space.


As a result, a hybrid program where numerous functions come to coexist in a traffic-calmed area emerges. The widened road, which defines the new plaza, is lined with rows of plane trees and includes several island-like green areas.
It is the arrival point and waiting area of the tram station, entrance plaza of the university building, terrace of the cafeteria, connective pathway for the adjacent urban area, and waiting point for the tram, which connects the campus with the city centre – all at once.


Next to the multi-use functionality, a sound integration of architecture and landscape elements was a central concern of the design. The good collaboration was mainly achieved through a coherent materiality and colour concept for the outside areas, which creates a reference to the built complexes. With their consistent furnishing concept, using mostly concrete and wood, and their smoothed nuanced grey surfaces, the open-air facilities constitute a coherent and timely layout of inviting character for this new urban site.

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