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The focus of the design for the waterside garden of the horticultural show in Schwerin is on creating an exceptional experience with water. The garden’s main, outstanding attraction is a water lounge, placed in the middle of the lake – a picnic area that invites the exhibition’s visitors to take a relaxing break and have a refreshing drink while dangling their legs in the fresh waters of the lake. A new, optimized path network provides a variety of options to approach the horticultural show’s garden at the water’s edge and leads to the compelling garden areas next to, on, and in the water. Taken together, its linear extensions create a unique formal language and a dynamic motif as they bend slightly, open up, and become narrow once again. Along these pathways, perennial, annual, and riparian plants enhance the garden’s water theme. The path along the waterfront guides visitors across an estuary of the lake, through reeds, and across a glade with a playground – all the way to the terrace of the rowing club at the shore, ending at the water lounge and temporary beach where white sand and palm trees create a surreal maritime landscape.


Overseeing picturesque fields of water lilies, the terrace affords a panoramic view across the lake and back towards the castle. The waterside path swerves from the beach to the water, continuing to the opposite side of the lake as a floating pontoon construction. As the surprising highlight within the diverse experiences of the horticultural show, the floating water lounge is an attractive picnic installation moored in the middle of this footbridge, accentuating and lending structure to the pathway across the lake.

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