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The design for the Wollmarkt courtyard aims at creating a unified public open space and increasing the visibility of the historic facades surrounding the place.


Discreet modern elements, such as minimal concrete benches, add communal qualities to the yard and do not distract from the historical context. A uniform look is achieved through the use of the small paving stones, which support the presence of architectural heritage. All existing paving stones are used and cut flat in order to put them in the new mosaic. In the meantime, missing stones are brought in to complete the picture. The final image connects all of the areas into one generous clean surface.


To formally arrange the public and private spaces, a straight yew hedge (Taxus baccata) was planted. In response to the hedge, two long, green marble benches are set up in front of the old monastery to offer a place to rest and to highlight the entrance to the historic arcades.

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