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The Zürcherstraße redevelopment aims to create a representative urban boulevard with its own identity, which is intended to strengthen and anchor the centres of Mitte, Neuhegi-Grüze, and Töss districts of Winterthur, and slow down the heavy traffic by introducing more pedestrian zones. The space-changing interventions such as the new street trees, the lighting and furnishing concept come into play step by step and take on the role of a common thread that connects the new street space. The new trees make a lasting contribution to the appearance and defining mood of Zürcherstraße. They alternate as packages of double or single rows, depending on the available street width.


In connection with the bus stops distributed across the planning area, the furnishing concept aims to organise the space. So-called hubs form a sequence of six designed infrastructure clusters that set the tone and provide orientation for passers-by. The hubs bundle and concentrate the necessary furnishing of a street, such as bike parking spaces, post boxes, garbage cans, advertising media, or benches, in combination with the bus stops, and thus free the rest of the street from elements that often appear to be randomly placed. The hubs stand out like “carpets” from the continuous asphalt pavement of the sidewalks, on which the elements are arranged like pieces of furniture. Through the programmatic repetitions, they create connections and give the street its own special expression.

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