Zukunftsgarten IGA 2027

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The design concept for the parks in Bergkamen and Lünen proposes a solution with two typologies for diverse experiences during and after the IGA 2027. Located on the historical spoil tips, the area in Bergkamen is defined by a hilly landscape that provides great ground for a vibrant forest park with a path network that takes visitors on a surprising journey, where they can stumble upon various programmes that are dispersed as interconnected looped paths. In the meantime, the Lünen area takes over the image of an urban park, with easy access to the surroundings and clearly defined spaces. 


Bergkamen, characterised by the high plateau, expresses endless three-dimensional, overlapping spatial loops with various commercial and non-commercial activities. In contrast, the dynamic spatial structure in Lünen is translated into a quiet space in order to do justice to the adjacent residential area. 


Filled with fixed programming elements such as seating, board games, sports fields, etc., the design offers a structure for a flexible space setup that can later be defined by local institutions and other park actors.


To highlight the unity of the two parks, the proposal envisions a light installation. A laser beam is a straight line between the two locations, which, however, is deflected three times on its route and thus forms a large geometric shape of a kite, a symmetrical deltoid whose corners symbolise the landmarks and the two reservoirs that define the area: the Lippe River and the Datteln-Hamm Canal. The relationship to the water is elementary for the visibility of the laser beams: the high humidity increases the visibility of the bundled laser light. 

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