TOPOTEK 1 works in the fields of landscape and architecture, understanding itself as a traveler in the fringe areas of typologies and scales, jaunting into urban design, music and art. The studio develops concepts through a critical and inquisitive understanding of given realities – contemporary, cultural and historical. The hybridization of topics and disciplines, the transmittal and re-contextualization of design elements and the staging of scenographic sequenses are defining strategies pertinent to the work of TOPOTEK 1. 

Martin Luther University Square
Halle / Saale, Germany
Direct Commission 2002
Completion 2002
Siemens Headquarters
Siemens Headquarters
Munich, Germany
Direct Commission | 2012
Completion 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark
Competition 2007 | 1st Prize
Completion 2012
Kindergarten Griechische Allee
Kindergarden Griechische Allee
Berlin, Germany
Competition 2003 | 1st Prize
Completion 2007
UNESCO Weltkulturerbe
Kloster Lorsch
UNESCO World Heritage Site Cloister Lorsch
Lorsch, Germany
Invited Competition 2010 | 1st Prize
Completion 2014
Place de l'Europe
Place de l'Europe
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Direct Commission 2017
Completion 2018
Marktplatz / Parkplatz
KAiAK - Art und Architektur
Market / Parking - KAiAK
Berlin, Germany
Invited Competition 2006 | 1st Prize
Completion 2007
Postindustrieller Park
Post-Industrial Park | State Horticultural Show Eberswalde
Eberswalde, Germany
Competition 1998 | 1st Prize
Completion 2002
Bahndeckel Theresienhöhe
Railway Cover Theresienhöhe
Munich, Germany
Competition 2002 | 1st Prize
Completion 2010
Immergrün Sportanlage Heerenschürli
Heerenschürli Sports Facilities
Zurich, Switzerland
Competition 2005 | 1st Prize
Completion 2010
Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts
Museum of the 20th Century
Berlin, Germany
Open Competition 2016 | Finalist
Spreehafen IBA Hamburg
Spreeharbour IBA Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
Competition 2009
Completion 2013
Schlosspark Wolfsburg
Castle Park | State Horticultural Show Wolfsburg
Wolfsburg, Germany
Competition 2003 | 3rd Prize
Completion 2004
The Big Dig
The Big Dig
Xi' an, China
Direct Commission 2010
Completion 2011
Water Picnic | Federal Horticultural Show Schwerin
Schwerin, Germany
Competition 2006 | 1st Prize
Completion 2009
Konzerthaus Nürnberg
Nuremberg Concert Hall
Nuremberg, Germany
Open Competition 2018 | 1st Prize
Aabenraa Midtby
Aabenraa City Centre
Aabenraa, Denmark
Competition 2015 | 1st Prize
Completion 2018
TXL Gestaltungshandbuch
TXL Design Manual
Berlin, Germany
Direct Commission 2015
Completion 2015
Entreepark Festung Ehrenbreitstein
Entrance Park Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
Koblenz, Germany
Competition 2005 | 1st Prize
Completion 2012
KFAS New Headquarters
KFAS New Headquarters
Kuwait-City, Kuwait
Restricted Competition 2018 | 1st Prize
Bord Gaís Networks Centre
Bord Gaís Networks Centre
Dublin, Ireland
Direct Commission 2009
Completion 2012