Topotek 1 works in the fields of landscape and architecture, understanding itself as a traveler in the fringe areas of typologies and scales, jaunting into urban design, music, and art. The studio develops concepts through a critical and inquisitive understanding of given realities – contemporary, cultural, and historical. The hybridisation of topics and disciplines, the transmittal and re-contextualisation of design elements, and the staging of scenographic sequences are defining strategies pertinent to the work of Topotek 1. 

Alfons-Kern & Emma-Jäger-Areal
Alfons-Kern & Emma-Jäger-Areal
Pforzheim, Deutschland
Invited Competition 2023 | 1st Prize
Spreehafen IBA Hamburg
Spreeharbour IBA Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
Competition 2009
Completion 2013
Konzerthaus Nürnberg
Nuremberg Concert Hall
Nuremberg, Germany
Open Competition 2018 | 1st Prize
Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité
German Heart Center of the Charité
Berlin, Germany
Direct Commission 2023
Completion Ongoing
Museum of History and the Future
Museum of History and the Future
Turku, Finland
International competition 2024
Hochschule für Gestaltung
University of Art and Design
Offenbach am Main, Germany
Invited Competition 2022 | 1st Prize
Traveling Installation (Worldwide)
Since 2004 (On going)
Downtown Høje Taastrup
Downtown Høje Taastrup
Høje Taastrup, Denmark
Competition 2011 | 1st Prize
Completion 2022
Marktplatz / Parkplatz
KAiAK - Art und Architektur
Market / Parking - KAiAK
Berlin, Germany
Invited Competition 2006 | 1st Prize
Completion 2007
ZAC Le Croissant
ZAC Le Croissant
Paris/Nanterre, France
Invited Tender Process 2013 | Selected Proposal
Completion 2020 (1st Phase)
Schulanlage Moosmatt Luzern
Moosmatt School
Lucerne, Switzerland
Competition 2021
Kindergarten Griechische Allee
Kindergarden Griechische Allee
Berlin, Germany
Competition 2003 | 1st Prize
Completion 2007
Bahndeckel Theresienhöhe
Railway Cover Theresienhöhe
Munich, Germany
Competition 2002 | 1st Prize
Completion 2010
Moosaik Starnberg
Moosaik Starnberg
Starnberg, Germany
Direct Commission 2022
Completion Ongoing
UNESCO Weltkulturerbe
Kloster Lorsch
UNESCO World Heritage Site Cloister Lorsch
Lorsch, Germany
Invited Competition 2010 | 1st Prize
Completion 2014 (1st phase) / 2016 (2nd phase)