TOPOTEK 1 works in the fields of landscape and architecture, understanding itself as a traveler in the fringe areas of typologies and scales, jaunting into urban design, music and art. The studio develops concepts through a critical and inquisitive understanding of given realities – contemporary, cultural and historical. The hybridization of topics and disciplines, the transmittal and re-contextualization of design elements and the staging of scenographic sequenses are defining strategies pertinent to the work of TOPOTEK 1. 

Konzerthaus Nürnberg
Nuremberg Concert Hall
Nuremberg, Germany
Open Competition 2018 | 1st Prize
Entreepark Festung Ehrenbreitstein
Entrance Park Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
Koblenz, Germany
Competition 2005 | 1st Prize
Completion 2012
Bahndeckel Theresienhöhe
Railway Cover Theresienhöhe
Munich, Germany
Competition 2002 | 1st Prize
Completion 2010
Marktplatz / Parkplatz
KAiAK - Art und Architektur
Market / Parking - KAiAK
Berlin, Germany
Invited Competition 2006 | 1st Prize
Completion 2007
Martin Luther University Square
Halle / Saale, Germany
Direct Commission 2002
Completion 2002
Kindergarten Griechische Allee
Kindergarden Griechische Allee
Berlin, Germany
Competition 2003 | 1st Prize
Completion 2007
Postindustrieller Park
Post-Industrial Park | State Horticultural Show Eberswalde
Eberswalde, Germany
Competition 1998 | 1st Prize
Completion 2002
TXL Gestaltungshandbuch
TXL Design Manual
Berlin, Germany
Direct Commission 2015
Completion 2015
KFAS New Headquarters
KFAS New Headquarters
Kuwait-City, Kuwait
Restricted Competition 2018 | 1st Prize
Siemens Headquarters
Siemens Headquarters
Munich, Germany
Direct Commission | 2012
Completion 2016
The Big Dig
The Big Dig
Xi' an, China
Direct Commission 2010
Completion 2011
Schlosspark Wolfsburg
Castle Park | State Horticultural Show Wolfsburg
Wolfsburg, Germany
Competition 2003 | 3rd Prize
Completion 2004
Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts
Museum of the 20th Century
Berlin, Germany
Open Competition 2016 | Finalist
Aabenraa Midtby
Aabenraa City Centre
Aabenraa, Denmark
Competition 2015 | 1st Prize
Completion 2018
Bord Gaís Networks Centre
Bord Gaís Networks Centre
Dublin, Ireland
Direct Commission 2009
Completion 2012
Spreehafen IBA Hamburg
Spreeharbour IBA Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
Competition 2009
Completion 2013
Water Picnic | Federal Horticultural Show Schwerin
Schwerin, Germany
Competition 2006 | 1st Prize
Completion 2009
Immergrün Sportanlage Heerenschürli
Heerenschürli Sports Facilities
Zurich, Switzerland
Competition 2005 | 1st Prize
Completion 2010
UNESCO Weltkulturerbe
Kloster Lorsch
UNESCO World Heritage Site Cloister Lorsch
Lorsch, Germany
Invited Competition 2010 | 1st Prize
Completion 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark
Competition 2007 | 1st Prize
Completion 2012
Place de l'Europe
Place de l'Europe
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Direct Commission 2017
Completion 2018